Sep 11, 2013

The One with the Pink and Purple Crib

Hubby and I have been scouting for either a playpen or a wooden crib for weeks now and biy, we didnt expect them to be that expensive! We were choosing between a playpen or a wooden crib but since we have limited space in our room (and beacuse I dont want to put Elle in a separate room) and mobility is important, I believe playpen it is! 
I learned that playpens can go anywhere Php8,000-15,000 for the branded ones while wooden cribs range between Php 8,000-10,000.00, both are definitely slaps to our budget.And then I came acroos a seller who sells all baby stuffs ranging from playpens, stroller, carriers and Avent. I remembered them as the seller where from my cousin bought a playpen for my niece a few months back. She got hers for only Php3,500.00 and it includes a carrier, a small diaper bag, a diaper changing rack and mosquito net. 
I made an inquiry and saw a new arrival, a pink and purple tinkerbell playpen. Though it doesn 't come with a diaper bag and a carrier, its a best buy at only Php 2,500.00 plus delivery fee of Php250.00. The playpen has two layers, one for infants and the lower rack for toddlers and comes with mobile toys, changing rack, playpen hood, storage bag and mosquito net.
Here are some photos of this Tinker bell pink and purple playpen.

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